Simple doorbell integration off the shelf?

I’ve been reading postings here and elsewhere for two days about doorbells and see lots of options, but…

Is there no one that makes a simple replacement for a conventional wired doorbell chime? Something you can just install, draws power from the AC transformer, uses the existing bell, and just works? With zwave or local wifi?

Most I see have drawbacks, e.g. Nexia Doorbell sensor needs batteries, and has a reputation for missing quick pushes. Building your own with a door sensor looks fairly easy, need a reed switch, also requires batteries. That’s likely what I may try first. Things like aeotec are complete replacements but… batteries and require AC adapters (no AC near where I really want to put a chime). And many are just plain ugly.

This just seems so simple, for someone to build a one-for-one replacement chime box, using existing wiring and transformer. Has no manufacturer done that?

I’d even spring for a video wifi version if it didn’t require cloud and used existing wiring and power.

Absent that, will any door sensors work just stuck onto the outside of the plastic case over top the magnetic servo, or is a reed switch always required?

While I’m not adverse to building stuff, I’d much rather just buy something simple that works – but I hate adding new battery powered things. Or ones with lots of reported problems, and many seem to.

Vibration sensor on the chime. Use zwave device or build with esp8266. This allow normal function and high reliability.

I previously just wired into pi GPIO. Chromcast to In wall speakers for sound + push notification with image from security cam that covered the door. This worked without fail for year it was in place.

Push or any other notification not require 3rd party cloud and provide more easily accessible viewing (in notification tray vs must unlock phone and open app+wait for app loading)

As a side note, battery devices may be converted to AC by simply provided the required voltage using adapter soldered.yo battery connections. Battery is used for ease of install but not technically required.


Another option is to put an optocoupler across the chime and connect it to an esp8266/32. Power via the voltage the chime is running off with some sort of step down to get the right voltage. Esphome will connect it with home assistant.

Vibration sensor on the chime.

I saw that and also thought it was brilliant until I saw a lot of notes about it going off anytime someone closed a door a bit hard?

I have good experience with a cheap Xiaomi Aquara Vibration sensor. In many usecase it is not sensitive enough. But my doorbell is about half a meter from the door and the vibration sensor placed on it works perfectly. Nothing happens when I shut the door.

Thans for the idea, finally I found a very useful job for this sensor :laughing:

Xiamoi appears to be zigbee, anyone recommend a good z-wave? Reviews on Amazon of Monoprice and Aeotec are pretty bad, and that’s all I saw there.