Simple File Server

Riddle me this hive mind.

I want to be able to go to a browser URL and drag and drop files to it. Somewhat similar to dropbox. Nothing more clever than that. It has to be browser based as I want any device to be able to to pick up and drop files. The file sharing should only be internal but if it can have external access all the better.

I already have a RPI 4 with a SSD but would ideally like to use an external drive connected either to the RPI or a networked one attached to my router (BTW the router only provides a DLNA server which can’t give me a browser option).

I’ve tried the media server which works okay but it will only take pics and videos. I want to be able to dump any file from any device.

Can this be run through my home assistant instance? Any recommendations?

All help is appreciated.

Have you looked at a self-hosted nextcloud? It has a web interface as well as mobile apps.

Thanks for the reply. From their website it appears to be a standalone webserver outside of home assistant? Ideally i’m after somethiing that can run inside home assistant bit like the media server but with wider file types available. Not for long term storage but just as a way to easily share large files.

Yes, it’s a completely different thing, but one that works very well for its intended purpose. If you intend to have a solution that works within homeassistant, it will definitely be an interesting challenge. I have not yet seen an attempt at this, and not even sure it makes a whole lot of sense, but who knows

The media tab in home assistant would work perfectly if only it accepted more file types. Feels like a simple tweak in config file would do it. I have a NAS too but that requires logging in and out of. As every device in the household has home assistant, its common environment. So i’d rather use that frontend.

I had used cloud commander on a RPI before and that worked great. Something similar to that.

Which integration provides the ‘Media tab’ you refer to? I’m curious if that can be patched for your usecase

Sorry its on the side bar ‘Media’. I believe its a recent addition to HA. But comes as default now. So not an integration or add-on.

This does not look like any development has happened for 2 years, so it may not work, but NextCloud is available as an addon:

thanks. Just tried to add the repo to HA and no bueno. Red marked - so I assume it doesn’t meet the standards of today. Dam.