Simple lists

It would be cool if HA supported some lists.
For example, a simple TODO list, or a list created from an online API (for shopping lists etc).

Just wondering if it’s a good idea and if it’s something the community would want :slight_smile:

I want it. I want to be able to add or remove items in the list via service call. Maybe integration with Caldav task.

I’m currently working on a simple list concept, I’ve got Add/Remove working to a demo list (which gets reset on restart).
I’m planning on adding a remote list API this weekend/next week.


can’t wait to test it out. thank you in advance.

Just a short update, I wanted to show some screenshots of the progress:

2 Demo lists in the entities list

Cards for lists

New item added

At home I got a little bit more worked out cards (remove, some more spacing).
It still needs some more works, like adding editing options, completion/checking (as opposed to delete, this can still be shown but striked-through for example, depends also on the online list used, some API’s might not return that data), scrollable list? (a lot of items can make the card grow quite fast)

Furthermore I still need to workout a real world example, using an actual API.

The major issue I found was that I couldn’t test it as a custom_component, since HA doesn’t seem to load entirely custom components (using the file) from the custom_components folder.

I got some success with adding some component specific features (like adding and removing)

Will keep it updated

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The general idea is a good one for sure. Being able to do a service call to add to the list would be essential for me, then I could tell google home to add (blank) to the (something) list through IFTTT and have it be reflected in the home assistant front end. That would be pretty useful!

Although I think the limitation on ifttt with google assistant is 1 unique text field and 1 unique number maximum so the lists might have to be numbers (or stick with 1 list) which is a bit annoying. Still, it would be useful.

That should certainly be possible once it’s done.
I’ve been trying to get RTM (Remember the Milk) integrated as an online list the last few days, but it seems there isn’t a complete, or useful python package for it.
I’ll need some more time to hack a lib together to access the API, but in the meantime I’ve added local list support, which gets saved/read from file.

I won’t have lots of time this weekend, but I’ll see if I can put out a PR already before the end of next week

Hi @tmatheussen

I’m wondering how is it coming up? Any plan to share it publicly? Thanks in advance.

I had a prototype working a while ago, but had to shelve it for a while (since we bought a building ground, we now have a lot of other stuff to deal with :smiley: ).
A couple of weeks ago my laptop crashed, before I put the shelved code on Github or anywhere else, I still need to recover it from my HDD (good thing it’s a seperate disk :wink: ).

I also needed to sort out services, there was something wrong with that, hopefully I’ll have some time during the coming weeks to recover the project :slight_smile:

What is the status if this project? I’d love to add some sort of shopping list (The current component doesn’t include text-input), as well as a general todo-list.

I’m considering trying to create it myself, if this project doesn’t exist.

Haven’t been able to continue with this. But since I’ve last worked on it, HA has the shopping list integrated, perhaps it might be easier to modify this component to allow text inputs as well.

sounds like a good idea. i might look into this

Before you start work on it, I noticed Balloob put out a PR for this:

Have to say, i love the new text input for the shoppinglist.
The only thing i dont like about it, is the fact that it’s a seperate panel.

Did anyone find a way to create seperate lists, that can be used in a group?

as far as i know, it’s not currently possible to create multiple lists, but i’d love to see this too.

i got the shopping list working with alexa & google assistant, and it would be great to be able to create multiple shopping lists, to do lists, etc.

CDK, did you work on the RTM integration, so we can create lists with tasks?
Still hoping to get this working…

i did not. The need fell and I lost interest in the feature. Sorry! Best of luck

I currently use todo’ist in an iframe. I’d prefer if it were native, of course… maybe someday I can take a feeble stab.