Simple Presence detection to turn on a switch

Hi i’m looking for a simple solution, I have 2 mobile phones detected via bluetooth, this seems to work efectively for my needs, as they seem to be detected well

if [device_tracker.huawei_p30] and [device_tracker.honor_view20] = Away then [switch.heating_switch]= On

If [device_tracker.huawei_p30] And/Or [device_tracker.honor_view20] = Home then [switch.heating_switch]= Off

Currently running:

Home Assistant 0.117.6

on a 4Gb Raspberry Pi4

Many Thanks in advance

Put them in a group and the group will behave as one with the expected home/away.

cheers i’ll look into that

Many thanks Hellis81 a simple simple solution to a problem for me des exactly as I need
Many may thanks I have been on this for weeks and not getting anywhere with over complicated solutions BRILLIANT