๐Ÿ“† Simple Safe Scheduler: automation scheduling with a blueprint! With execution check and retry in case of a disruptive event (e.g. HA restart)

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Scheduling a periodic action in Home Assistant might be trickier than what it looks at first glance. Not only the available automation triggers are limited to only time-based schedules (requiring the user to either use template triggers or install additional integrations for more complex scheduling options), but they also do not guarantee that the automation is executed at the provided time.

As an example, letโ€™s assume automation A is scheduled to run at 12:00. If the Home Assistant server goes down at 11:59 due to a disruptive event (e.g. power outage, planned maintenance, hardware failure etc.) and comes back up at 12:01, the A automation run scheduled for 12:00 would simply be skipped, without any warning to the user.

The Simple Safe Scheduler blueprint tries to mitigate scheduling limitations in Home Assistant by providing an easy interface to configure periodic actions, with built-in safety checks to ensure the action actually runs even in case of a disruptive event.

The configured automation acts as a simple scheduler, allowing to flexibly program any kind of action based on the following parameters:

  • Time of the day (dynamically provided as an input_datetime entity);
  • Day of the week (multiple days can be selected);
  • Week frequency (allowing to schedule the action to run i.e. every 2 weeks).

In addition, the blueprint implements useful checks to make sure that, in case of a disruptive event (e.g power outage, Home Assistant server outage etc.) happening at the scheduled automation run time, the action is executed as soon as the system restores its state. These checks can be configured to be performed both when Home Assistant boots up and when a custom event is fired (e.g. from another automation or integration). Such safety checks might be particularly important for critical automations, which need to run as close as possible to the scheduled time (e.g. watering plants, configuring an alarm system, etc.).

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Full documentation regarding requirements, inputs and more is available here.

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