Simple scheduler add on

Hi all,

I’m using simple scheduler. A very useful add-on.
However, when I look into the log file, I find these lines:

[2023-02-12 09:00:03] STATUS: Starting scheduler
[2023-02-12 09:00:37] QUESTION: What do you get if you multiply six by nine?
[2023-02-12 09:00:37] ANSWER: 42

Does anybody know how these lines Come into the log file. Appreciate any help.

42! That’s the answer to Life, the Universe and Everything! :rofl:

Doesn’t help much, Jack.

looks like you have debug mode enabled in simple scheduler configuration…

Thx caribo, indead I switched it on. But why is it then generating these lines?

It appears the developer has a sense of humour. It is a joke. Or at least a funny way to notify debug mode is on.

Ok, thx guys for your help.

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You can always change the message to:“Debug is loaded and running” by doing it in one of the printlog lines and delete the other.