Simple Thermostat display of set value

i am struggeling with a what seems to be a realy simple problem:

I just want to display the set Temperature of a thermostat on my dashboard.
Just the number of degrees set…no name, no icon, no possibility to change or control it…

I tried with every card i could find, but either there are additional sliders or arrows visible, or the card can just display “heat” but no number…

Can anyone tell me a card that would fit my needs?

What about a button card. Bottom picture is how it would look on frontend.

Use a markdown card.
Set the title to a space or nothing
Set the content to {{ states(‘’) }} or {{ state_attr(‘’,‘temperature’,) }}
Add the unit after the }} if you need

Big thanks guys for pointing to both options!

Especially the markdown card one was nice, didn know you can use variabes there…that card also plays nicely with my used theme so worked out like a charm!