Simple UI time based automation

This is starting to annoy me.

I wanted a simple automation that runs a script at a set time. The script turns on some lights. I have made this automation with the following trigger:

But yet nothing happens!

If I click the “execute” button, it turns on the lights as expected, but waiting for the time reveals nothing.

  1. How do I know the exact time my Home Assistant thinks it currently is? I don’t know whether it might be not waiting long enough
  2. Is there a way of knowing if it thinks it triggered it?
  3. Should this toggle be on or off? I figured on, meaning you can set up automations but temporarily disable them

Any help and advice would be hugely appreciated. I’m very close to sacking this all off :pensive:

You need to add the time sensor to you configuration.yaml

Then you will know what time HA thinks it is

You shouldn’t need a time sensor to create a time trigger in an automation.

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Did you set the timezone for home assistant? If you go to the logbook do you see the correct time for the events?

No just for him to know what HA thinks is the time, plus its good to have if you want to template on time

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Fully agree, didn’t read your last sentence after the link :laughing:

No i added it later when i realised i clicked reply too early

Yeah I do that toooooooo many times :rofl:
I agree with you both
The time trigger will fire when set time as HA sees it is reached without any fussing
What time does ha think it is.?
I’ve seen sooooo (less 'o’s) many times :rofl:

Can you open your automation file with a plain text editor, copy the automation and post it here using the </> button? (read Tinkerers thread at the top of the forum)

Dont all the node-red time based nodes get there time from your location, then it wouldnt matter if HA thinks its living in iceland.

Wotz that got to do with the price of fish ?

Hey Mutt
It Has nothing to do with price of fish, it still over priced, but at least the local fish monger will deliver to me on time.

Thanks for the help so far, the time widget looks quite odd, maybe it needs updating - apparently it’s been 10:42 for 9 minutes now…

In conclusion, the time looks fairly accurate.

As for the automation, the code is:

- id: '1579640490387'
  alias: '[Timed] {Morning} Minimal Lounge Lights'
  description: ''
  - at: '22:15:00'
    platform: time
  condition: []
  - entity_id: script.1579640082751
    service: script.turn_on

That script.1579640082751 is (and to reiterate, firing the script and/or automation works as expected).

  alias: Minimal Lounge Lights
  - entity_id: switch.lounge_vase
    service: switch.turn_on
  - entity_id: switch.lounge_dresser
    service: switch.turn_on