Simple Visual Zigbee Indicator

Dear HA Community.

Simple problem: basement lights are on but nobody realizes it as the physical switch does not have a indicator light.
Simple solution: a Zigbee LED indictor that could be turned on or off depending on automation scripts.
There are a lot of Zigbee buttons out there but as far as I can tell non allows to control its status lights (if present).

I found this related thread from 2019 but no real solution.

Any ideas?

For Zigbee to do that, the function has to be available in the interview or you would have to create a custom quirk to make it available.

I would look at espHome for that kind of thing, or just use a light group to clone the basement light state with a light upstairs. Like the light outside a walk-in freezer or dark room. HA can do this that way.

Are the basement lights controlled by HA? I assume so, or how would the Zigbee LED know whether they were on or off?

If this is the case, presumably their state can be displayed on a dashboard?

Old mobile phone displaying the dashboard stuck on the wall wherever the Zigbee LED would have been.

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