SimpleFIN - read-only financial data


Excited to announce ha-simplefin, a new HA integration to track your finances with SimpleFIN! SimpleFIN is a paid ($1.50 per month/$15.00 per year) platform offering read-only access to financial data through its API.

Developed by myself (scottg489) and @jeef(jeeftor), our integration currently provides balances for connected accounts, with plans to incorporate additional details, such as investment holdings, from the SimpleFIN API.

To get started, create a SimpleFIN bridge account and connect your financial institutions through the account dashboard. Then generate a setup token by creating an “app” on the dashboard, which will be required during the ha-simplefin integration setup.

Note that we are not affiliated with SimpleFIN at all. We were simply impressed with how easy it was to connect accounts, its extensive bank compatibility, and the reasonable pricing structure.


Also there is a PR to get this into core: