Simplified flows available?

Hi everyone,

I’ve been using HA for over a year now and i’m pretty happy with it. Installed it on my server and didn’t need to make any extra costs regardig hubs en such for different kinds of devices.
Now i’ve tried to use Node-Red for a while but i’m reaching my own limitations with that. The flows look and feel better to use then the automations section in HA itself. But the whole thing with the more programming style with json and messages and such seemed to be too hard for me. I also don’t have the time or motivation to get into this more complex way of making automations.
Now i’ve got some friends that got themselves a Homey Pro and use the advanced flows. It looks exactly the same as node-red but is more simplified for it’s users. A style i really like.
Now i’m doing some research on the Homey and it’s pro’s and con’s. But the main and only reason i would buy one of these is because of these simplified advanced flows.

Now a Homey Pro costs €400,-. That is a lot considering i only want it to use one specific function (allright, it also supports matter, z-wave, zigbee etc out of the box. A little plus for it).
So here’s my question: Is there some sort of integration possible in HA that looks like the advanced flows from Homey? So like node-red but simplified?

Try the Home Assistant automation editor. You can make the “trigger, condition, action” flow as simple or as complex as you want.

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Are you referring to the normal automation creation in HA? Because i am familiar with that one. But it isn’t the flow chart from node-red / homey. I have some specified and light advanced automations. Not really crazy tho. But the thing is i like the flow chart from node-red and homey. I can group multiple automations on one page instead of creating a new automation everytime where i also need to think about the naming patern since HA sorts them alfabatically (state or area).

Have you checked out the flow Library on It might just be what you are looking for:
Library - Node-RED

I have found to achieve some advanced stuff in Node-Red, my javascript coding skills have come in handy. But for the most part, you can achieve most things just by using a lot of nodes. Do you have an example of an advanced flow your Homey friends are able to do and you aren’t in node-red? Perhaps I can help shed some light on it (alltho I’m still learning Node-Red as well).

If there’s one thing I dislike about Node-Red, it’s that you can’t see all automations that a device is involved with as you can with home assistant automations when looking at a device page in home assistant.