Simplisafe Dashboard ideas?

I’m new to HA and slowly configuring it for eventual WAF. To achieve that lofty goal, I’m making a separate dashboard for each major system we control. Since Simplisafe purports to show the battery status (I haven’t read enough to see if this is true), I was thinking of having the alarm tab display a conditional card if a battery is low (or whatever the states are; I need to learn more). For example, if all is well, the Alarm dashboard shows just the panel. If the Front Door sensor battery is low or not ok, it would pop up a markdown card with “Change Front Door Sensor Battery” or something like that.

I’m wondering if anyone’s done anything like this and is willing to share their code. If not, is there a way to conditionally display a message if any sensor is triggered and/or if any battery is low? I quickly tested conditional cards, and it seems easy to make a markup appear based on the state of every individual sensor, but I don’t want to have to make 10+ cards. I’d rather it do something like “if (any sensor) is battery low, then display the card. ‘Change the (sensorname) battery.’” Is that possible, or do I need 10+ “If sensor n” conditional cards?