SIMPLISAFE integration needs to be continuously reloaded

The SIMPLISAFE integration was until recently working ok for me, aside from the usual disconnects. However, recently, all my sensors show up as “UNAVAILABLE” very frequently. They are only available again if I reload the SIMPLISAFE integration. In the past, I had to reload every few months but now it seems like I need to reload almost every few minutes.

I don’t think it’s an authorization issue as I can reload the integration with no issues. It’s just that the sensors only stay available for a few minutes after I reload the integration.

This behavior just started recently after the latest HA upgrade but that could have been a coincidence, too.

Any suggestions on how to improve the availability of the SIMPLISAFE integration?


Have the same problem here. The sensors will randomly become UNAVAILABLE then randomly become available. I also noticed that it is taking longer for the integration to load when restarting HA. There are no errors in the log. This seems to have started with 2023.7.2.

Yes, I noticed the longer integration load time, too, now. Previously, loading was very fast (may be tens of seconds at most). Now, it takes between 2-3 minutes to complete (no longer displaying “initializing”) even though all the devices are the same.

I thought these issues started happening with 2023.7.2 (give or take) but I’m generally inclined to blame SimpleSafe more than HA…