SimpliSafe Integration - New User

Hi, new user here.

I’ve integrated most of my devices except Simplisafe. Everytime I try to go to the SimpliSafe web app from the integration I input my username and password and hit continue and nothing ever happens. Can anyone help me out? Am I doing something wrong or is the integration not working?

I’ve searched a lot of topics, but cannot find a good answer.



I have exactly the same problem.

I am a more experienced user, I’ve authenticated multiple third-party apps in similar clunky methods. :slight_smile:

When you open the link from the integration’s install pop-up (shown below) the credentials page comes up, but it does not seem to post any data when you click continue.

Also, I can log into Simply Safe’s normal log in page, and while I have two factor enabled it does not ask me for a two factor code every time. So I am not sure how the next steps of the process would apply even if this first page did work…

I’ll investigate using the core python scripts mentioned here and report back if I get somewhere


With a fresh start, I got this working today.

First, some reading on the GitHub issues I discovered that the python auth scripts will look like a different instance than the HA integration UI. So you can’t get a code for UI install that way.

So I moved to using Edge browser. I opened http://http://homeassistant.local:8123 on Edge. I don’t normally use this, so logging into SimpliSafe it saw this as a new machine triggering the two-factor code. ie. Submitting my credentials with Chrome did not trigger two-factor, it was already authorized for 30 days. So it appears to do nothing and it does not return the error with the code we are looking for.

When logging in with Edge I was careful not to click remember me for 30 days, just in case it failed and I needed to do it again. But it actually just worked. Once used Edge and triggered the two-factor, the instructions per the links in UI are 100% correct. You can pull the code out of the error message and it authenticates.