SimpliSafe No entities

Disclosure, I’m totally new to Home Assistant. Still learning how to use/edit the configuration.yml, but discovered the visual studio code editor addon. Very cool! At least I got the duckDNS and ssl part going.

Any way, adding the integration was actually really simple. un/pw and validated with an email from Simplisafe. Done.

But I don’t see anything in the overview (like I’ve read in other posts) to arm/disarm/etc the system. I don’t see any entities to work with. No alarm_control_panel in my developer tools states overview. I’m just sort of at a loss to what to look for next.

Much appreciated!

Anyone have any kind of hints for me? I’m sort of stuck.

Just installed this as well, and I’m not seeing any of my sensors. Just the base station, keypad and temp sensor. Missing entry sensors, smoke/co and motion for some reason. Did you ever figure out how to get them to show?