Simplisafe state reverting when armed/disarmed using keypad

For at least the last couple of weeks I’ve been having an issue with the Simplisafe state in HA reverting to the previous state when I arm or disarm the system using the keypad. For example, in the first image you can see the alarm was changed to Armed away at 9:58:59 using the keypad. This was followed by an automation to turn some things off when I arm the system. Then at 9:59:19 the system spontaneously changed to Disarmed, resulting in my Return Home House Resets automation to run.

The second image shows the dichotomy between the state at this point and the last event.

I’ve found that this dichotomy is also reflected in the web interface as seen in the third figure:

I’ve found that if I reload the web page, the correct state is shown on that page AND the HA state is updated to reflect the correct state. I think this implies the issue is on Simplisafe’s side, but I wanted to check here in case anyone else has experienced this and/or has any suggestions.

I’ve been experiencing the same issues for a week or so now. Don’t have a fix, but I’m glad to know it’s not just me.

I have the original SimpliSafe system (v2). Which version do you have?

I also have the SimpliSafe System (v2).

FYI - I called SimpliSafe and they are sending a replacement cell module. I don’t really think it will fix the issue, but I’ll let you know.

Changing the cell module did not fix the issue. I will try SimpliSafe’s helpdesk again.