SimpliSafe User, please come in and help

Hi All,
I am looking into getting a security monitoring system and I come across SimpliSafe. I am interested to try out their service. I have some question though if any of you can help me out.

  1. Can I trigger the SimpliSafe Alarm from Home Assistant? I have some zwave hardware installed (door sensor, siren, PIR sensor) that I am thinking to re-use them as trigger.
  2. Can HomeAssistant read the SimpliSafe’s Hardware(window sensor, control panel) status? For Example, if the SimpliSafe Window sensor is triggered, does HomeAssistant know? is there any api document?
  3. Can you tell me your experience with SimpliSafe integration?

Thank you very much

Hi ih8gates,
Thank you. I have read that page before and it says HA can control a SimpliSafe control panel.

So will I able to read SimpliSafe’s hardware’s status?
Do you use Simplisafe? can you share your thought?

I don’t, but there are lots of threads in that search link that get into the details of working with SS.

I use SimpliSafe with HA.

You can get and set alarm status to “Disabled”, “Home”, and “Away”. You also will get status from triggered alarm events, such as if a water detector has gone off, but that’s it. You won’t be able to tap into motion sensors or entry sensors, from everything I’ve read. Also, I have 2 of their cameras, and I am unable to connect to them like IP Cameras, but maybe that’s just lack of knowledge on my part.

You can however write automations like “When alarm is armed as away, turn off/on whatever” or “When alarm is disarmed do X, Y, Z…”

ic That’s good to know
I have some PIR and siren set up, and HA will call my phone to alert me if I am not at home but motion is triggered.
However, that wont work if the internet or the power is out.

Do you need to have the active monitoring for this connection to work? I am not looking to get the 24/7 monitoring but it seems you have to log into SimpliSafe in order for this connection to work.

Hi, I have the same question as bigceej. Do I need to subscribe to any of their services in order for this component to work? Or can it be done without paying?

I was hoping to tap into SimpliSafe door sensors and motion sensors to show in the floorplan and\or HASS. Is this possible?

Yes you do. All this does it log you in to the SimpliSafe service.

Nope. SimpliSafe is basically an entirely closed system product. Even the integration with HA is a reverse engineering of their API, not supported by SimpliSafe at all.

Is there an API reference for Simplisafe?

Love to pull the Alarmed / Triggered status and make my exterior lights flash when the alarm is scream its head off.

Decided to retrofit my DSC alarm with an ethernet-connected module. We’ll see how that goes. Simplisafe may be OK, but I’ve got a number of wired zones already.