Simulate device_tracker entering and leaving zone

Is it possible to use the states tab to force a device tracker to change zones to test the following automation?

I want to have a single automation that fires when the fubar device tracker enters or leaves a zone, but I don’t want to have to physically have that device tracker do that. Shouldn’t I be able to change the zone in the developer state tab for device_tracker.fubar_iphone and that will trigger this automation? It’s not working though.

- alias: Zone notify
    - condition: state
      entity_id: 'binary_sensor.allow_automation'
      state: 'on' 
    platform: zone
    entity_id: device_tracker.fubar_iphone
    zone: zone.my_work
    #event: enter
     - service: script.conditional_notify
         boolean: binary_sensor.report_zone
         title: "Zone"
         message: "xxx"
      #   message: "{{trigger.to_state.attributes.event}} {{}}"

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