Since today the hassio tab does not work any longer


SInce today the hassio tab does not work any longer. The Screen stays empty. I updated to Version 0.70.1 to check if that repairs the issue, but it did not. If I try to debug the error within a web-console I am getting some Kind of 404 Errors for /static/webcomponents-bundle.js :

Source-Map-Fehler: request failed with status 404
Source-Map-Adresse:[Weitere Informationen]

If you do a search you will find multiple threads on the missing hassio tab. It’s a known problem . Only Chrome web browser is working. An issue has been submitted.

did you clear your browser cache?.

Also chrome is not working. I tried firefox, ie, safari… i did force reload also…
So i think it is a different issue.

Similar problems here. However, I did have success with Chrome on a Mac OS. Chrome on my iPad doesn’t work - ugh! But it does work from the desktop. I used that just to work the add-ons, and everything is still good from any browser, even on the iPad.

ok only browser which is working is chrome for PC. Mobile chrome also fails

Chrome PC does not work either.

This is an old thread. That issue was fixed some time ago.

Chrome, Firefox and Safari are all now working with v0.84.6.

You have an issue with your installation/configuration.