Sinclair AC

Hi, I have a Sinclair AC that is WiFi equipped with an iOS that can operate it through internet. But they don’t offer HomeKit support which is baffling to me. Is there a way to utilize home assistant and get the Sinclair AC working with HomeKit? Thanks!

Still no word from the developer. it’s a shame. they implemented wifi + remote operation, but their app is utterly awful and garbage, no updates and for nationality on iOS + Android. I wish they’ve had the decency to just offer HomeKit integration and leave it as is :confused:

Hi Wade,
Actually I have figured it out that you can control the Sinclair ACs with the Gree component (probably the true manufacture is actually the same)
So you can use the custom Gree component

I used the EWPE smart app before so the wifi was configured so I got the privateKey from the app DB and just added to the config of climate.yaml.

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Hello GeG,

“I used the EWPE smart app before so the wifi was configured so I got the privateKey from the app DB and just added to the config of climate.yaml”

Can you please describe more in detail how you extracted the private key from app DB and under what line did you put it in hassio? Where on mobile is app DB located?

Thank you.

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Hi Mmatesic01

You can read a method in the link above (as I can see this whole component will be changed in the new version also 0.96 so good that I checked it :D)

So the setup process is there, about the encryption key (not privateKey as in my prev post) in my case with the Sinclear AC. I have get it from the Gree EWPE Smart App database.
First you should try it without the encryption key just add the IP and the MAC of the if you connected (from your router, for example, you can guess it )
You will need an android device with root priv (at least this is the fastest way) or have a simulated one.
I use NOX Player for this (and other DB extraction like from Xiaomi Mi Home app).

How I done it:
In my case I have already used the EWPE smart app (gree app) so my AC was already added and synced to the cloud)

  • Download, install and start NOX Player.
  • Install App (from playstore or from APK) from some APK mirror you can get it also like (search for ewpe-smart) to the NOX Player
  • Open and log in to the EWPE app (wait till the AC is loaded and synced to the app DB, you will see your AC there)
  • Open the file manager in NOX home and navigate to the DATA/DATA/com.gree.ewpesmart/database/
  • Copy the gree.db to your local PC (or install a DB editor to NOX player)
    • Select the gree.db
    • CTRL+3
    • Open NoxPlayer folder
    • 3 dots in the file manager
    • Copy selection here
  • This will copy the gree.db to your local computer (CTRL+3, open PC folder)

You can check the gree.db now with local or online editors (like ) from here you can extract the Private key


Thank you on your detailed description and advice.
I’ll see how it goes.

your post was fully helpfull.
please can you suggest me how to decrypt the .db file?
i extract it but in any editor i only get sumbols in editor.
thank you in advance

Hi @dimiforty
I’ve stumbled upon same problem. It seems like Gree and Ewpe got somewhat secured in newer versions of their android app. I managed to extract private Key with use of old version of ewpe from july 2019. Can’t say that integration works for me fully as i can’t send any commands through, but managed to read status of Gree AC in Home Assistant with it. :slight_smile:

Edit: works like a charm now - i just had to change Mac addresses from XX-XX format to xx:xx :wink:

Hi, I had the same problem. But if you can install EWPE Smart_v1.7.2.8. This is an app version of a not encrypt database.

It seems like as of today version no longer load the devices and ask you to update.
the AC looks like as in a disconnected mode in the nox player and the db doesn’t have the private key under the device table.
wonder if there any other option.
with newer EWPE smart the db is encrypted and doesn’t open up in the DB editors… so I’m out of luck

Hello all,
any update or something on this issue?
I lost an entity of my A?C(suddenly stopped to appear on HA) and need i guess a new token.
But how we will take it?

Hi. The easiest way to gry your AC encryption key is to run a python script that can be found here:

python -b <router IP with last value 255 > search
It should find your AC and bind it, and print it’s ID and key.


There is no reason to use this custom component in order to integrate EWPE controlled device. I bought Sinclair Terrel AC packed with EWPE app and I was surprised that official Gree integration is working for me including autodiscovery. I just installed integration and its working. It seems that Sinclair Terrel is just rebranded Gree AC.


Hello, I plan to buy Sinclair air conditioning with four indoor units, model: Keyon with multisplit. Is it easy to integrate with nowdays home assistant? thx for any replay.

Can I ask for an example of Gree AC setup for a Sinclair heat pump? Or for AC? I set it up according to the instructions, but it doesn’t load any data. :frowning:

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Yes, I have just added the integration with Gree Climate. Once you get your AC units connected to your home WiFi through the EWPE app, you can easily add it to HA with Gree Integration.

Hi Geg.

I hop you are well. I have installed Sinclair AC in my home on the recommendation of the installer, unfortunately did I not know about HA at that stage.

Will you be so kind as to assist me with integrating my AC with HA.

[email protected]

Thank you so much.