Single slider control for multiple blinds

Hi all, I’m trying to find an easy way to add a card to my dashboard that would control all blinds. I can make several scene buttons with various heights, but was hoping to try and make a slider that would then use whatever number i settled on as the position for all blinds that I defined.

I’ve looked and tried various searches, but not seeing anything that really looks like it would work.

Any ideas or references that can be shared?

I think I actually just solved this…

simple thing really… so i’ll put what I did here to hopefully help someone else.

I created a helper group, and put all blinds that I wanted to control via slider.
Then created a custom cover card and listed the entity as the group name that I created.

here is the simple YAML

type: custom:mushroom-cover-card
entity: cover.all_blinds
show_position_control: true