Single view only URL


First off, apologies, because this must have been asked tons of times before. My google-fu skills seem not to be up for the challenge though…

What I aim to do is very simple (I hope); I want to display on a small tablet mounted in a room a single lovelace view to control a number of devices in that room. So no left-hand side bar, no tabs, no nothing just the single view.

Is there some URL options that I can use for this or something? e.g, point the browser on the tablet to https://my.local.IP/OnlyShowThisView/MyView or https://my.local.IP/lovelace/myView?KioskMode or something?

many thanks in advance for any help!



Look at the addon custom header. You can hide all of it with that addon and you can show only specific view(s) to a device when they go to lovelace. So example, when you browse with your tablet to your HA instance, show only page 1. If computer, show all

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Great, thanks that is EXACTLY what I was looking for!

Many thanks Vasco!