Single wire up / down relay like the Forest AC control set

While diagnosing and fixing a curtain motor i found this relay that works with an encoder to move the curtain with just 3 wires (+ earth) and keeping the motor energized so you can pull the curtain and it will start to move:

Now i have another location where only 3 wires are going to each motor and now they placed awnings at the other side of the window and ofcourse no electricity nearby besides the curtains.
This would be a god send to fix this easily. 2 wires for constant and the 1 for a decoder for the curtain.
(The awnings will be with remote and just need 230V)

So are there other sets like this? for general use with potential free contacts?
I have no idea how this technique is called, from looking inside it must be a very simple schematic as there is no controller just electronic components.