Singled E1D-G73 Door/Window Sensor going thru Batteries

I have 4 of these Zigbee sensors in operation. Three of them are still connected to my Mozilla IoT Pi (w/Conbee2) while I have one connected to my Home Assistant RPi4 (w/Nortek). The one connected to Home Assistant is going through batteries like crazy. I have replaced it once per week since moving it from IoT to HA. The other three are still at 85% battery life after having been in operation for nearly 8 mos.

Any idea what could be causing this extreme battery usage? The batteries tested full with my meter before installing them, and it did initially report 100% when installed into the door sensor.

I have the same issue with mine, sort of. Have them connected to a Sonoff ZBBridge via Tasmota firmware to ZHA. I think the battery stats are wrong though. I have a battery low device card that shows battery values for all entities <20%. Sometimes these devices will show up at <20% and stay online for a few weeks even after they are “low.”

This does seem to be the case. My garage door sensor has been at ~12% for weeks now.

I am surprised this has never been addressed after so much time. With brand new batteries, they report the batteries at 62%. I can measure it with my meter and the voltage is at 3.2v. It should be reporting 100%. I think there is a math error somewhere in this code. Whenever I do a Zigbee reconfigure, the battery reports this for voltage: 3600/10800/1 and for remaining: 3600/10800/1. I have no idea what these mean. If I switch it around as a division problem, 10800/3600 I get the result of 3. 3v? In which case it should be 100%. Ugh!