SIP Doorbell

Hi, i have made new SIP Doorbell custom card, you can try it

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Was wondering if you have tried this on an iOS iphone/ipad?

Yes, it’s working - i have ipad as hass control pannel in my house

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Wow that is what I have been waiting on for a long time.
Can you please explain how to install it?

can you please describe your component or provide some more info/guidelines?

Thanks for this :slight_smile:
I actually got this to work functionally (i.e. I can place a call successfully to my video doorbell) on both my iPAD HA App as well as Chrome/Windows10.

Media Permission
My first attempts, using on Chrome on Windows10 desktop which only has a microphone (no video), I got Media permission errors. The audio permission was enabled correctly, but apparently it was the video failing as there is no video.
To solve this I had to change two lines:




Perhaps browser video media can be a configurable item?

The part I could use some help fixing/improving is the presentation on the card. The Icons are displayed great!. However the video and the Nidum icon most of the times are barely visible on both Chrome/Windows and iPad/HA-App.
This is an area I’m simply not an expert on, but what I can see via Chrome Inspect is that the “arena” height is only a few px. There are a few times where the “arena” height is the same height as the card and I think this is what its suppose to be, but again this doesn’t happen very often.

When the arena does operate properly, the phone icon is kinda in the middle of the video and obstructs some of the view. Would it be possible to move the phone icon below the video?

Anyway, very happy that I can make a two-way call on my iPad now, so thanks!

Wow, this is amazing. All working very well. What I would like to add it a way to trigger automations in Hassio. Ie trigger hassio to change screens when the number is called. Do you have any suggestions for me.

can you please explain more on the installation or describe this project’s purpose?
I can’t find any description anywhere

Hi @katsaplias It took me a little to work it out. Do you have SIp server running?
If so you just need to copy the files to your WWW directory and add the following to your Lovelace card.
I found this at the start of the JS code.

 * type: custom:sip-doorbell
 * server:
 *   sip:
 *     url: wss://sip.domain.tld:8443/ws
 *     username: [email protected]
 *     credential: secret
 *   ice:
 *     - urls: stun:sip.domain.tld
 *     - urls: turn:sip.domain.tld
 *       username: [email protected]
 *       credential: secret
 * access:
 *   - key: 1#
 *     icon: mdi:door
 *   - key: 2#
 *     icon: mdi:gate
 * camera: camera.doorbell
 * remote: [email protected]

I will try to configure my Dahua VTO doorbell
it is very odd that there is no installation instructions for this repo
I will also try this new SIP component :

How to add to homeassistant?