Siri Alternative


Hello, I have tried siri to homekit to Hassio with limited success. The homekit to hassio connection seems to be the trouble. Is there a way to voice control the home assistant companion directly with out using siri or homekit? All I want to do is ask my iPhone to open the garage door which is controlled via a tasmota relay from Hassio. iPhone location from the ios app or asuswrt is flaky.


Use Shortcuts with a webhook?


I’ll look into that. I tried the Siri shortcut to Google assistant, but still have to press a button.


I can’t seem to figure out how to get Shortcuts to do a POST command. The closest I can figure would be to use the URL shortcut, but can’t get it to work.


I managed to get Siri to turn off my alarm system by following this guide. I created a shortcut for Siri that has 2 items: 1) URL and 2) get contents of URL. The URL that I used is an IFTTT webhook, although it would probably work with a Home Assistant webhook. For the method in “Get Contents of URL” I used GET, not POST, although that is an option.


Thanks Jeff, I did get a Siri shortcut direct to a Hassio webhook working. In the Get Contents item, I used POST with a Form Request body. I had moved away from automations long ago but had to add one for this. Now to see if I can do the automation via Node-Red and be automation free again.