Siri always attempting to close cover, even if it's already closed

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Not sure if this is a Siri/HomeKit problem is the HomeKit integration itself.

So I have created a cover entity for my front gate (following steps similar to those described there:

So I can tell if my gate is closed or opened, and open/close it as necessary.

In the HomeKit App, the status of the gate is correct (open or closed), and I can close/open it as needed.

I can ask Siri if my gate is closed or opened just fine; so she knows.

Yet, if I say Siri, close the gate while the gate is already closed, it will open it.
And vice-versa if the gate was already opened and I asked to open it, it will close it.

It’s a tad annoying having to ask Siri first if the gate is opened, to then ask to open it if it’s not.

Any ideas what could be going on? Is that just how Siri works?