Siri defaults voice commands to HomeKit instead of shortcuts

This is more of an iOS question, but since it’s having to do with calling HA services, I thought I’d see if someone had found a workaround.

I used to be able to use Siri to call shortcuts named something like, “Open Left Garage,” (set up using this procedure) until iOS started trying to call up HomeKit for stuff like “open” and “close.” So I changed my shortcut to “toggle,” which worked for a little bit. Well, now that isn’t working, and instead of calling my shortcut, it again calls HomeKit. Well… I don’t use HomeKit, so I can no longer open my garage with Siri… unless I maybe create shortcuts with completely irrelevant names, like, “Super Dooper” to open the garage, and “Green Bean Casserole” to close it (for example). I haven’t tried that yet, because I feel like I shouldn’t have to.

Is there a way to call my shortcuts to HA services with reasonable voice commands? Use case: I ride a motorcycle and would like to be able to open and close the doors using Bluetooth in my helmet.

EDIT: I’ve just followed this guide to install the Assist shortcuts on my device. I don’t use “Hey Siri,” but I can activate shortcuts with a button on my helmet. I’m testing it with Siri here at my desk, and an Assist command, “Open Garage Door One” doesn’t do anything. I have used Assist on my desktop to turn lights on and off before, but those same commands don’t work on iOS. I have manually executed the Assist shortcut by pressing the button, then entering text, “open garage door 1” and that works. Dictated speech does not yet work for my on iOS.

EDIT 2: after calling up Siri, stating “Assist,” and getting the “How can I Assist” prompt, I speak, “Open garage door one.” This is the result (and nothing happens in HA):

If you ever figured this out it’d be awesome if you shared your solution I’m having the same problem!

Nope - I resorted to creating descriptive shortcuts: “open left garage door,” etc. However, I’ve started using a CarPlay device on my motorcycle, and I can use an automation to fire a HA event such that when I return home, the garage door opens automatically… in theory. I mean, I’ve tested the automation in Node-RED and it works fine, but between some hardware issues and Chamberlain’s efforts to thwart 3rd-party access, I haven’t actually got it working end-to-end yet.

Just guessing here but if you don’t use homekit, what about uninstalling Home-app on your iPhone? Would be stupid is Siri still interprets the command as a Homekit-command if the Home app isn’t even on the phone.

It’s a good thought; I’ve just done that, and I’ll try it once I get my ratgdos installed.

For some reason, I thought Home was one of the apps you couldn’t remove. I swear I tried it on an earlier version of iOS and it didn’t work.

Hey, any luck with what you were trying?

I have part of the issue. I use HomeKit, so I don’t want to remove it, but when I created the shortcut on my phone, Siri pulls the shortcut like I would expect! It worked fine, but when I shared it (and even tried deleting and manually creating it) on my wife’s phone, it pulls HomeKit for some reason.

Can’t figure out why one phone works and the other doesn’t.

I’m definitely observing similar issues. Unsure if anyone has filed a Feedback item with Apple on this?

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