Siri Response Has Extra Information

Apologies if I’m in the wrong spot and/or this is something absurdly easy or has been covered to death, but I did some searching and didn’t find anything…

I recently got an Apple HomePod and have been trying to integrate some voice control over HA. I’ve built a shortcut in the iOS Shortcuts app which tells the Home to call service hue.hue_activate_scene and passes {"group_name":"Living room","scene_name":"Alpha"} as data. This works fine–the lights switch to the “Alpha” scene as expected.

The problem is, when I invoke this, Siri says (audibly) “OK, done. Home Assistant says called hue hue activate scene”. If I do this on my iPhone, I get the same result, but with the same text also displayed on the screen.

I do have a few input_booleans in my HomeKit setup; I’ve built Shortcuts for those which, instead of calling Home, call and tell it to turn on the boolean. When I invoke one of those, Siri only responds with “OK”. It’s only when I tell the Shortcuts app to call a service through Home that Siri gets chatty. I’ve looked through settings and don’t see anything about verbose vs. truncated responses or anything like that.

Has anyone run into this before, and more to the point, anyone know if there’s a way to just get Siri to acknowledge the command with an OK and not elaborate?


Just found your query, and I had the same! I haven’t managed to find an answer yet.

Also I’d like to find out if I can change the response to something I want it to say, for example an action like ‘What are my solar panels doing’ could use a sensor value to say something like ‘You are generating’ + solar.state + ’ watts’.

I’ll keep looking! In the meantime I’ve added a comment to this feature request.