Siri Shortcut Asks For Confirmation When Running HASS Scripts

Hey all,
I’ve been using HA for a few weeks now, and after getting things up and running I started experimenting with Siri Shortcuts and the HA iOS app. Everything was working fine until I upgraded iOS to 13.2.3. Now any time I launch a shortcut using Siri that calls a HA script, Siri says “Just to confirm, you wanted ‘’?” before running the script. Siri waits and pauses the shortcut execution until I answer yes (answering ‘No’ results in an infinite loop). If I create a shortcut that calls a service like, Siri never asks for confirmation. I even created a shortcut with both: first it calls, then it calls a script. Siri happily runs the service, but stops to ask for confirmation before running the script. So something is different between scripts and services as far as Siri/HA on iOS is concerned, but I have no idea what. Anyone else have this same experience, or know how to change this behavior?

Here’s what I’ve tried so far:

  • un/reinstalling the HA iOS app
  • dis/re-enabling Siri and ‘Hey Siri’
  • removing and recreating the shortcuts
  • running the shortcuts via Hey Siri, Siri from the home button, directly from the Shortcuts app (Siri doesn’t ask for confirmation if I run the shortcut by tapping on it within the Shorcuts app)
  • removing/re-adding the iOS integration from HA
  • restarting my iPhone
  • resetting the HA iOS app

Also, I’m running HA 0.102.1, FYI

Thanks in advance

Yea Siri Shortcuts and Automations are a big let down.
I thought they’d be something amazing but in typical Apple style you need to unlock your device or provide some sort of authentication to do things.
Yes yes, security… We just want things to work…

I have not had to unlock my phone.
Hey Siri, desk… toggles the desk light immediately. Works well for me. I only have 10 or so shortcuts and they are for input_booleans and lights but they all work without anything special.

If you toggle Homekit devices it has no problem but I think @Vernal is calling something in the HA App?
I suppose I don’t have enough information, but for most Shortcuts I’ve attempted to create the phone needs to be unlocked to execute.

Like I said controlling Homekit devices (except locks and garage doors) it will do without unlocking.

I use a HA script to bypass Apple security when opening a myq garage door with an HA automation. The automation is duplicated in the Apple Home app and can be executed by asking Siri without conformation or unlocking the phone. I’m running all the latest versions.

@keithcroshaw, that’s right, my shortcuts are using the HA app (no HomeKit involved).

Here’s my shortcut that requires confirmation to run:

If i replace script.bedtime with light.turn_off along with some service data, the shortcut runs without needing to confirm. I’m just not sure what so special about running scripts that triggers Siri to do this.

I don’t have any HomeKit devices. I was talking about calling ha stuff in the app.

What if you call script.turn_on (or homeassistant.turn_on) and for service data {“entity_id”:“script.bedtime”}

@DavidFW1960, that works! Siri doesn’t ask for confirmation to run script.turn_on . I didn’t realize you could run a script like that. Now I’ve just got a tweak my shortcuts. Thanks David!


Awesome! I have all my shortcuts setup like that.

experienced the same, where Siri would ask to confirm payload. added an empty {} to my script, and she stopped asking.