Siri shortcuts alternative for triggering automations

I’m currently using Shortcuts to trigger some automation in Home Assistant, for example when the iPhone is disconnected from a charger. It works great except for the constant bombardment of notifications on my phone from shortcuts. This has gotten even worse with iOS 15 and I’m looking for alternatives as it appears shortcut notifications are intended to not be shut off as a security function.


Only Shortcuts is able to do this the moment e.g. charging state changes take place. The only other way you’ll get this done is via Jailbreaking or a bug that causes it to not notify.

That’s how I’ve been doing it for the last year or so, I reboot my phone so infrequently that it was perfectly acceptable. Since I updated to iOS 15 notifications are re-enabling even without an iPhone reboot. I have yet to make it longer than a day before they are enabled again.