Siri Shortcuts

Hi all, I was wondering if anybody knows how I can get this information into home assistant so I can show it on my UI
I made a web scrape shortcut and I’m actually amazed I finally figured it out. (I’m not very good at this stuff)

Below is my shortcut. It looks up my teams web page and extracts the 4 teams in my division and prints out the results. I would love for this to be automatic but I think I’ll just have to run the shortcut after each game. But if you know a way to do it better I’m open to suggestions and if it’s possible to get it into a sensor would be awesome.

What else have you guys come up with? I’m surprised there isn’t a section already being discussed here. I know it’s not really Home Assistant related (other then trying to get the information to show up)

But I do believe Shortcuts could help with our automation hobbies.

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I have a hue app that’s iOS only. I want to try to make a shortcut to trigger its animations based on a HA HomeKit device turning on. I need to give it an honest go.

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I’m really surprised there’s not others inbthis community that uses shortcuts.

It’s not a very rewarding experience as I’ve had… issues getting things to work as expected.
It doesn’t get much attention from Apple.
I feel like I’m in Android land again.