Siri without homepod/appletv?

High level, I wanted to try using siri (on my iphone) for voice commands, but do not have a homepod/appleTV/ipad to act as the hub.

Is that even possible? (I don’t think explicitly says that one of those those pieces of hardware is required)

Anyways, here’s where I am:

  1. Installed homeassistant (on FreenNAS) - seems to work well, I’ve added a few other integrations
  2. Added HomeKit Bridge
  3. Added ‘homekit:’ to configuration.yaml, checked it (it passed) and restarted homeassistant

In the notifications section there are two QR codes. One or ‘Home Assistant Bridge’ and another for: ‘HASS Bridge LE4B’

Which one should I be adding to the Home App?

If I scan either of them, I get an error message: Couldn't add <Home Assistant Bridge|HASS Bridge LE4B> / Homekit couldn't connect to this accessory
I’ve also tried manually entering the code - same behavior.

Then, I thought - well maybe I’m not supposed to be adding the bridge, that I should expose a device. So I updated my config to:

- filter:
      - media_player.plex_plex_for_roku_josh_s_roku_stick

After a restart I don’t see any changes. No option to add that entity to Home.

Any tips/ideas?