SiriusXM Integration into HA

I’m looking for a way to integrate the SiriusXM radio stations into HA.

I couldn’t find much other than it showing up with in the Echo Device Media player post but all I really need is if anyone has any ideas on how to login with a valid subscription to Sirius XM streaming through HA and have the radio channels exposed to HA.



I would like to see this also…

Me as well!

The Gracedigital Radios communicate with their phone apps using JSON - I’ve gotten part of the command set deciphered. I’ve decoded, on/off, volume, mute, source change (SIRIUS,DLNA,USB,FM Station), media enumeration. Should I create a github project and release what I have so that others smarter than I can finish it up? I just don’t have the time. It looks like that gracedigital has run just about everyone else out of the market. The Yamaha receivers on the integration list are all discontinued.