Siterwell GS361A-H04 - deCONZ

Hello, I'm new here. I have Raspberry Pi 4, Home Assistant 0.108.8 running on docker.

One of my hardware components is Conbee II ZigBee Usb Gateway connected to my HA using ZHA deCONZ integration. I have problems with radiator thermostats:

1. Siterwell GS361A-H04, Zigbee 3.0

It is Tuya family device, I have two items. They are paired with Conbee II (visible under /config/devices/dashboard and /config/zha/dashboard). But it is not supported device so I don't have any controls available to use them. I can see Nwk, IEEE and clusters (Basic in, Identify in, Identify out, Ota out).

I have seen this interesting topic: I'm totally noob with zigbee too ;) Integration in those topic was successful but OP used zigbee2mqtt. How to do it using deCONZ ZHA?

2. Tuya (Telin?) TL10-Zigbee TRV.

The same status in my HA as above. Siterwell devices integration is more important for me.

Could you help me to integrate these devices? I know today about Tuya compatibility problems, about Tuya integration via Tuya gateway and cloud, but I don't have Tuya gateway and I avoid external clouds, so would like to integrate it via local deCONZ.

Thank you! I didn’t expect so big response from Home Assistant specialists community :slight_smile: Bye.

Hi! where did you buy those siterwell trv?

Dear @scrapid, This community is dedicated to the HA and integrations… I think you’re looking for a way to integrate your TRVs in deCONZ. I would suggest going to this github repo and creating an issue for a new device support. I did so for my own TRV(different brand) and the community there was very helpful. When you have it working in deconz we can restart the conversation here :wink:

Same question :slight_smile:
@scrapid where did you buy them ?