Skill not being added to Google Home

I’ve followed the instructions here to set up Google Assistant integration with my HA 0.118.3 Lubuntu (Docker) installation (manual setup):

I’ve created a project in the Actions on Google console, set up Account Linking, created a service account, and downloaded the JSON file. My configuration.yaml entry looks like this:

  project_id: my-google-actions-project-id
  service_account: !include my_downloaded_file.json

When I try to add a device in the Home Control section of the Google Home app (on my phone), I can see and select my Google app. It takes me to the login page for my HA site. I enter my login details. They appear to be accepted, and I am taken back to the Home Control screen of the Google Home app, but my project/skill does not appear in the list of linked services at the top. I’ve tried this multiple times.
Any ideas for troubleshooting this?

Same Issue for me since the Google Outtage recently. Could not connect anymore and then I deleted the integration trying to set it up again. But doesnt work anymore. I will try to create a new JSON file.

Could you please let me know how you get on with the JSON file/service account? I’m curious to know whether this is just broken for me, or whether it’s a wider issue.

Ok, nope didn’t work. Also I dont see any logs either in the Cloud Console or on HA…

Ok… turns out for me it was the Intrusion Prevention from my Unifi System. Basically the Firewall was blocking the request from Google.

Thanks for letting me know. Sounds like I have a different problem, as I am able to get to the login page of my site, so the requests must be getting through the firewall.
So have you now successfully added the service back to your Google Home app?

I was also able to go to the login page, but after that it just kicked me back to the google selection screen of the 3rd party services. Now its connected and works.

Hmmm…I can’t think of anything similar that might be blocking anything in my setup. Requests come into the router, then get port-redirected to the Ubuntu VM which runs HA. Nothing has been modified on either the router or the VM since it was last working. It’s been one of those set-and-forget setups for the last couple of years.