Skip python 3.7, go to 3.8

Python3.7 on Ubuntu is badly broken. If you have recently received a
notification to ugrade to python 3.7, don’t. Its a world of hurt on ubuntu 18-04 . Upgrade to 3.8 instead. If
you want to make your life easier install the venv wrapper
mkvirtualenv at the same time and call your homeassistant venv with
$ mkvirtualenv -p python3.8 a-good-name, that way python3.8 and
pip3 will be used by default. Use to install 3.8 on ubuntu 18-04

Hmmm. My organization has used the default Python3 in Ubuntu for many years on a wide variety of hardware without any problems at all. Maybe the problem isn’t Python3.7.

Aha: The link indicates that you’re using some random PPA’s Python haywired on top of a 2-year old release of Ubuntu. No wonder you’re having problems.

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I’ve moved two HA venvs on Ubuntu 18.04 to Python3.7 without issue.

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