Skip recompiling already updated devices... is it possible?

I’ve been running esphome on a pi4 with hassos for some years now, and really appreciate the reliability and flexibility. As expected, “update all” is taking longer and longer as time goes by, and esphome becomes more complex with encryption etc. This hasn’t been any bit of a problem until recently; the PC I login to HA with falls asleep before it finishes compiling for all my devices.

When I wake the PC, I find that maybe half of them are done. Then I either have to manually update the rest one by one (arduous), or redo “update all” a few more times (already compiled devices go by faster the second/third time around, so it eventually finishes all devices before the PC sleeps). I tried increasing my PC sleep time from 10min to 30min, but that’s still not enough to get them all in one go.

So I started thinking maybe there is a way to configure esphome “update all” so it will skip recompiling for devices that are already up to date. Is there some config or whatever that I can add somewhere to do this?

I hate to think how many watt hours get burned around the globe due to recompiling like this. Seems skipping updated devices should be default behavior for update all TBH. I can imagine situations where skipping might not be good… maybe a “force update” button can be added for that or something. Anyone else having the same experience with esphome?

At the moment is probably only possible from the commandline.

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