Skipping song in Music Assistant using zigbee button

Hey all,
New to the HA game and loving it! I’ve run into an issue with setting up my first zigbee button. I have a Moes 4 button… button and wanted to set it up to manipulate the media playing on my google nest speakers from Music Assistant (through spotify). I have 2 speakers setup in a group (dining room pair) and I can use the Moes buttons to play/pause, volume up/down just fine, but can’t skip a song if it’s been started from Music Assistant.

If I open my google home app, i can see the music playing in the media card along the bottom. If i open that card, the only selectable options are the volume and play/pause. I’m guessing since the music has been started from another source that that nest speakers aren’t aware of, it doesn’t know how to skip to the next song?

I’m using switch manager to set up these buttons. For the play/pause and volume up/down i’m using the “media player” service, but using the media player service to skip isn’t working.
I’ve also tried selecting “Music Assistant (BETA): Play Media (advanced)” and have tried all the different options there.

- service: mass.play_media
    enqueue: next
    entity_id: media_player.dining_room_pair

Not sure what else to try :person_shrugging: