Skoda Connect


Wondered if anyone was considering building a component for Skoda Connect?

For those not in europe Skoda are a VW group brand, so the tech (well, in fact, the entire car) is VAG parts!

Skoda connect has iOS / Android apps and provides updates on the status of the car

I assume there are API’s that can be called, but I’m going to lack the skill needed to write a component!


I would love it!

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That would be awesome!

i’m not finding any information onlinen but next week
i have an appointment with my Skoda dealer. so i can ask where to start
looking / whom i can contact regarding info about API’s. (long shot but worth the try)

Let us know any update!

Any news? I’ve searched on github but it seems that no one have ever started to build a component for this.

I’ve not seen anything yet, I don’t really have the skills to build something like this, but happy to be a beta tester if someone does!

Here you go

It’s a different system to the one used in the UK, or at least so I’m told. I have posted on that thread and they’ve checked the API endpoints don’t look the same.

contated my skoda dealer and he has no clue, i’ll keep searching :slight_smile:
meanwhile i’m learning python for when i find info.

edit: added python learning thing


I’d also be interessted in that :slight_smile: I just got my new Skoda and would love to be able to read out the parameters from the skoda connect app into home assistant!

Any update in this?

I would love it!!

Any update here?

We are considering a Skoda car, no experience with Skoda Connect. Does it require a SIM in your car? Can it connect with WiFi with your phone or home (when parked)? Is it a paid service?

Our current Skoda Octavia came with Skoda Connect. There’s a SIM card mounted somewhere inside the car, but I’ve never seen it myself. You can use the app to locate the car (if you forgot where you parked), check the remaining gasoline, check if it’s locked, turn on the coupe heating (defrost) or fan (hot days) and a few things like that.

For us, the service was included with the lease for the first year, but after that we had to pay. We decided not to pay for it, since we didn’t use the Connect services much at all.

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Thank you, perhaps gonna give it a try for a year, found this skoda connect -> mqtt adapter

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I am working on direct HA integration for Skoda Connect, I have already some beta version available. I have auxiliary heating/ventilation in my car so I am able to implement and test this.

But I have question:

  • does somebody have electric engine on Skoda car?
  • does somebody have electric climatisation where they can set target temperature from Skoda app?
  • does somebody have window heater controlled from Skoda app?

I am forking and modifying this project and there are few items for VW cars which I am wondering if needed for Skoda (as I have no way to test it).


hey @lendy007 I have a Skoda Superb plug-in hybrid and would like to help… I can indeed set the climate to a target temp from the connect app.
And also set the window heating…

@Depechie - thank you for clarification, I wasn’t aware that something like plug-in hybrid exists in Skoda portfolio :slight_smile:

Are you using already some of the projects mentioned above? Or some other?

No I have not tried the other VW Projects because I thought they were not functional for Skoda.