Sky Connect Coordinator shown as (kitchen-)light

Hello everyone!

I’m encountering a rather peculiar situation with my Zigbee Coordinator (Sky Connect dongle), as depicted in the image below:

What’s baffling to me is the presence of “Küche Licht” and “Küche Deckenlicht” on my network, as they refer to lights in my kitchen. Moreover, these lights are situated quite far away from the coordinator, which makes me wonder if this might be affecting my network’s overall health:

I would have expected my lights to be added like any other device among my approximately 35 connected ones. If this isn’t standard behavior, I’d greatly appreciate any guidance on how to rectify this preferably without having to start from scratch.

In my system the entities in the “Controls” box are Zigbee groups - is that what you are referring to?

Okay, so the “Controls” groups aren’t a problem. Thank you!

But I don’t understand, why my network looks like this:

  • The Sky Connect has the Name of one Group (“Küche Licht”)
  • All shown devices except the SmartSwitch are near the lights and not near the Sky Connect

Don’t stare at the map too much. It is not much of a debugging tool.

Did you rename it at some point? It’s just a matter of clicking on the pencil icon top right. I don’t think it makes any difference to anything.