Sky Connect - Silicon Labs Multi Protocol 2.4.4

Not sure if it’s just me, all updates since 2.4.3 cause my sky connect and ZHA to go offline several times a day. Reverting back to 2.4.2 fixes issue.

The new build today 2.4.4 says

  • Revert back to Silicon Labs Gecko SDK 4.3.1 while 4.4.0 instability is investigated.
  • Backport firmware modifications for improved stability.
  • Bump universal SiLabs flasher to 0.0.17

However 2.4.4 is still unstable for me?

Is there any issues staying on 2.4.2 and secondly any ideas I’m no expert and cannot see much in the logs.

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@Sparker I have a HA Yellow device and since the 2.4.4 update, my standard ZHA failes/goes offline every 24-36hrs. A reboot of the box fixes it again, and the timer start to count down again. lol

How did you down grade? I was looking for an easy button to get back to 2.4.3 which was VERY stable for me.

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Hi unfortunately after posting I noticed the restore back to .2 didn’t fully fix.
(Restore via backup prior to upgrade or any full backups)
I have a feeling something non reversible on the skyconnect stick was updated, as my system now crashes regardless of build.
So fully upgraded to latest and now skyconnect lasts 24 hours , better than 1 but not impressed.

I had 75 devices on the stick including all lights, you can only guess what my wife thinks when all lights die and switches. Therefore moved my lighting back to philips hue and thinking of moving my Zigbee network to another bridged system.

I would also add it should get fixed eventually via a future update. Let me know how you get on

I built a simple automation that reboots my HA box every morning at 4a. The reboot seemed to be the only way to get my ZHA to work. I’m sure it will get fixed too, but I can’t be focused on me checking my devices every day, when I know a reboot seems to fix it on a temp bases.

I built a simple automation that reboots my HA box every morning at 4a.

I also wrote an automation that does the same, but made it slightly more clever. It only reboots the Home Assistant server if all ZHA entities are unavailable. A similar template can be used for other integrations.

alias: Reboot Home Assistant if ZHA is unavailable
description: Reboot Home Assistant server every day at specific time
  - platform: time
    at: "05:30:00"
  - condition: template
    value_template: |
        expand(integration_entities('zha')) | length < 1
  - service: hassio.host_reboot
    data: {}
mode: single

Thankfully this automation isn’t triggered too often right now for me. Anecdotally, SkyConnect firmware version 2.4.4 is actually more stable for me. With previous multiprotocol firmwares I’d get constant issues with either ZHA or the Thread network crashing, I still get these issues occasionally but less often with 2.4.4.

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Hi, using HA Green with NABU CASA Sky Connect Silicon Labs and Z2MQTT. All stable and working well up to and including Silicon Labs Multiprotocol Update installed version 2.3.2. Since then each update knocks out all the Z2MQTT so keep reverting back to 2.3.2