Sky connect won’t connect

My sky connect arrived in the post, I connected it to my rpi4 that runs home assistant (via the supplied usb extension cable) . Disconnected and uninstalled my old zigbee radio and zigbee2mqtt, and zigbee devices ( I can always restore them from a backup)

The new device was noticed, and configured up (see attached screenshot).

When I try and pair any of my zigbee devices it cannot find anything. So far I have tried with a few philips hue switches and bulbs, which i did a factory reset on before entering pairing mode, I’ve also tried it with xaomi zigbee sensors , which I also reset and put back into pairing mode.
The devices were about 4 feet from the sky connect when I attempted to pair them.

It never seems to see anything and just times out.

Is there anything else I can try to get it to work, or use to try and diagnose the issue? At the moment it is just a plastic ornament in a nice shade of blue.

Also is there a link to the configuration documentation? The home assistant sky connect page just lists the tech specs and says available soon.

Any help greatly appreciated.


I have exactly the same. The stick recognizes within moment, but my lamps and other equipment won’t.

Something similar here, I managed to link up a HEIMAN smartplug and fire alarm. But that’s it, It won’t find anything else and I’m unable to control the plug. But it’s reporting the power measurement from the plug without problems.

EDIT: it’s working perfectly when I put a water bottle on the USB connector. No clue why that works. Without the bottle nothing works, with bottle everything perfect. You can give this highly technical fix a try

Same problem, connected the Stick with the USB-Extension at my Synology NAS, I could configure the Stick at Home Assistant (Docker). But I wasn´t able to pair any Zigbee Device I resettet (Hue Bulb, Xiaomi Sensor, Tradfri Repeater). There are a distance of 1 meter between Stick and Hue Bulb without any walls.

Ok, I´ve found here the solution (for me) with a longer USB-Extension-Cable, and positioned the Stick far away from other Devices.