Skybell HD Camera - 2 Cameras

Hi Community.

Does anyone know if the Skybell component supports the use of 2 skybell hd doorbells? I couldn’t find anything on the components page or any mention of it on the github page. I have 1 right now and love the hassio integration. I am looking to add a 2nd one for another entrance and wanted to know if I went with another skybell if the second one would integrate as well. If not, I might look at a different doorbell for the other entrance.


Well it looks like it can support more that one:

Git Hub Line

sensors = []
for device in skybell.get_devices():

I’m hesitant because I had 2 Ring doorbell cams, and the Ring Camera component only loaded the first doorbell.

I was hoping for confirmation but since I haven’t heard anything, I’ll go ahead and order a second and report back for anyone looking for this in the future.

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Confirmed working with 2 Skybell HD Cameras. :+1:t5:

I still get this error, but I expected that:

Issue Found:
Second Skybell - Button Sensor does not load

Camera, Both motion sensors, and first Skybell button sensor confirmed working.

Just an update for someone who may find this:
Not sure what happened, but buttons are not working and motion is not reporting. Motion binary_sensor loads, but never updates status.

Disabling all skybell components for now. I thought I might use the motion detector to run an automation (image capture from IP Cam in the same area), but it hasn’t been reliable. :frowning: