Skyconnect and Proxmox 8?

Hi, I want to restart my HA instance from scratch on an Intel Nuc and Proxmox. Currently I’m running HAOS on an Odroid N2 and I have no issues.

But I have read that there are problems with the Skyconnect under Proxmox. I have not yet found out if this still applies to Proxmox 8. If so, I would do without Proxmox and install Home Assistant as OS or wait and hope that this issue will be fixed soon.

I’m currently using Proxmox VE v8, Skyconnect and Zigbee2mqtt as a CT. No problem whatsoever.

I want to use ZHA. Is there any documentation how to set up Skyconnect in Proxmox? Or what do I have to do?

After Proxmox crashed without any reason (it is a fresh installation without any VM or LXC) and now has a kernel panic when booting, I’m done with Proxmox before I even started. I will use HAOS now and ignore other services.