SkyConnect becomes unusable at random

Hi all,

This is my first post here. I’m new to the home-assistant community, and I’m trying to find out how to debug an issue I’m encountering with SkyConnect. With a cadence of about 2-3 days, the skyconnect for my home assistant green will just stop working entirely. That is, all ikea lights, buttons, and motion sensors stop working, either for automations I’ve set, or for turning on and off things via the home assistant app. Rebooting home-assistant fixes the problem pretty reliably.

I just had this happen again today (the cadence seems to have accelerated to once a day with the previous HA-core release), and so I’m left wondering how to debug and resolve this issue without having to resort to a scheduled reboot of the system.

How is your current install configured with your skyconnect? we need more information to help diagnose it.

I’m just using the zigbee mode of skyconnect. I have the home assistant green connected to the dongle via the provided usb cable.

The zigbee channel for skyconnect is 25. If there’s a place to download further logs and diagnostics, let me know and I’ll provide those (in fact, that’s the point of the question, I’m looking for what diagnostics and logs I should peek at).

Have you tried using it without the cable to test it?

Yes, I initially did not have the cable, as I didn’t realize what it was for. When I noticed issues, I started using the cable, but no luck. That being said, I do not think this is a problem with the cable. This issue happens at a relatively stable interval, and rebooting the hardware fixes it without fail for a period of time.

Have you test it in another usb port on the green just to see if its port issue?

I haven’t been moving the port. I can do that, but it will potentially take a few days or weeks before I can say if that doesn’t work, or not.

Change the port its connected to then monitor it to check if the same happens.

The problem repeated itself today despite the port change.