Skyconnect checksum error prevents ZHA initialization

My multiprotocol Skyconnect stopped working. The Skyconnect add-in log shows the following (and repeats afterward):

WARNING in function 'core_process_rx_s_frame' in file /usr/src/cpc-daemon/server_core/core/core.c at line #818 : Remote received a packet with an invalid checksum
otbr-agent[5722]: 00:05:34.377 [W] Platform------: Unexpected Spinel transaction message: 2
otbr-agent[5722]: 00:05:34.377 [W] Platform------: Error processing response: Drop
[16:38:33:164889] WARNING : In function 'core_process_rx_s_frame' in file /usr/src/cpc-daemon/server_core/core/core.c at line #818 : Remote received a packet with an invalid checksum
otbr-agent[5722]: 00:05:36.405 [W] Platform------: Wait for response timeout
otbr-agent[5722]: 00:05:36.406 [W] Platform------: RCP failure detected
otbr-agent[5722]: 00:05:36.406 [W] Platform------: Trying to recover (69/100)

I am using the following versions:

  • Core 2024.3.0b6
  • Supervisor 2024.02.1
  • Operating System 12.0
  • Frontend 20240304.0

I also get the following repair notification. I do NOT want to remove multiprotocol, so I don’t know why it suggests this.

My skyconnect device info is below:

BUSNUM: '001'
DEVNAME: /dev/bus/usb/001/003
DEVNUM: '003'
DEVTYPE: usb_device
ID_BUS: usb
ID_FOR_SEAT: usb-platform-fd500000_pcie-pci-0000_01_00_0-usb-0_1_3
ID_MODEL: SkyConnect_v1.0
ID_MODEL_ENC: SkyConnect\x20v1.0
ID_PATH: platform-fd500000.pcie-pci-0000:01:00.0-usb-0:1.3
ID_PATH_TAG: platform-fd500000_pcie-pci-0000_01_00_0-usb-0_1_3
ID_SERIAL: Nabu_Casa_SkyConnect_v1.0_42b352090641ed119b3c83a7ccf2b06c
ID_SERIAL_SHORT: 42b352090641ed119b3c83a7ccf2b06c
ID_USB_MODEL: SkyConnect_v1.0
ID_USB_MODEL_ENC: SkyConnect\x20v1.0
ID_USB_SERIAL: Nabu_Casa_SkyConnect_v1.0_42b352090641ed119b3c83a7ccf2b06c
ID_USB_SERIAL_SHORT: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
ID_VENDOR: Nabu_Casa
ID_VENDOR_ENC: Nabu\x20Casa
MAJOR: '189'
MINOR: '2'
PRODUCT: 10c4/ea60/100
TAGS: ':seat:'
TYPE: 0/0/0

I rebooted my RPi4 and reset power, but same problem. Everything worked fine yesterday. I don’t know what changed. Any ideas what’s happening, or how to fix this?


I’ve got exact the same issue today

Home Assistant

  • Core2024.2.5
  • Supervisor2024.02.1
  • Operating System12.0
  • Frontend20240207.1

Silicon Labs Multiprotocol
Current version: 2.4.4

Maybe the Supervisor have been updated with new checks.
From the error message it sounds like you are running a single protocol setup but using a multi-protocol firmware on the SkyConnect USB radio.

You might want to flash a firmware that fits your use case. It will improve the performance of the radio.
You can find the latest firmwares here: GitHub - NabuCasa/silabs-firmware: Silicon Labs firmware for Yellow and SkyConnect
EmberZNet is a Zigbee-only firmware. OpenThread RCP is a Thread-only (Matter compliant) firmware and RCP Multi-PAN is the multiprotocol Zigbee and Thread firmware.

There are different ways to flash it.
The easiest one is probably the web flasher, but it might require you to open it up in a browser that support it. Firefox does not, but Google Chrome does.

I’ve spent hours trying different settings, resetting integrations/add-ons, disabling/reeneabling, restarting, rebooting, etc. No change. It’s saying that the firmware is wrong, but it’s the same firmware I’ve used without issue for over a year.

I’ll only do that as last resort. If I flash EmbeZNet, I’ll lose Thread/Matter. Multiprotocol is the reason I purchased Skyconnect in the first place. It’s like admitting defeat to some unknown Supervisor bug (I do agree it seems to be something in the supervisor, but I don’t know what).

So you are running a multi-protocol setup?
If not then flash it and if you later want multi-protocol again, then flash it back.
So far I started with the delivered Zigbee-only protocol flashed, then changed it to multi-protocol, then back to Zigbee-only and now it is running as Thread/Matter only.

I loaded the latest beta HA installation, and everything is working again (mulitprotocol, zigbee, thread, matter, and OTHBR). The working versions numbers are below.

  • Core 2024.3.0b8
  • Supervisor 2024.03.0
  • Operating System 12.0
  • Frontend 20240306.0