Skyconnect Firmware Update Version

I struggle a bit to find the current firmware for the Skyconnect. There seem to be several ways to flash it:

As far as I understand the first two use the universal-silabs-flasher and the last one has its own repository. But only forked from the other to be used as addon with Homeassistant if I get that correctly.

It seems the current firmware version pushed on all three options is At least verified on my part with the Web Flasher and the Homeassistant Addon.

However if I head over to the silabs-firmware repository we can clearly see that the current firmware is - actually with a decent amount of bugfixes and improvements. The same goes for

I’d probably give it a go as I have some sensors that are acting up a bit at times with the skyconnect. What is the way?

Well this seems interesting. Where do I even see which version I’m currently running?

In the Web Flasher it tells you the current firmware afaik, also I think the Addon failed while trying to update telling me that the current version is the most recent one.

I thought this forum would be the place to ask about the skyconnect… where else could I get this info if I may kindly bump this thread again.

As far as I know, you are on the right track with the repository for the various flash versions being at silabs-firmware repository and you have identified the latest Beta versions (for Zigbee). I use the SiLabs Multiprotocol Add-On and have it configured for auto-update, so I don’t pay much attention to this. If you are using ZHA, I don’t know but it may auto-update Skyconnect as well??? If you are using Zigbee2MQTT, you’ll probably have to manually update it.

If you are asking what is the best way to update the flash…Here is a thread that may be of interest:

Well that’s not really promising to try using ssh. At least considering all those seemingly bricked Skyconnects in the thread you linked.

I use it only for ZigBee with ZHA atm. as it seems the hybrid version has its drawbacks. Also, apart from my Google and Nanoleaf devices, I have none using Thread/Matter.

In the long run i was hoping to directly expose some entities to Google over Matter. But thats a bit off topic and still not possible at this moment.

I didn’t know those firmwares on the silabs repository were betas though. Where did you spot that?

Due to all those issues with the SSH way I was hoping to somehow feed the new firmwares into the Homeassistant Addon. Is there a particular reason the addon is using Unless of course these are betas as you mentioned.

As the autouodate won’t update anything besides the plugin itself, you’d need to manually start it after disabling ZHA (or the multiprotocol thingie) before it would flash the stick.

I based it on the name of the folder where the newer versions are located:

Well that’s certainly interesting considering seems to be a beta firmware as well.
I would have expected the official flashers to use the most recent stable version but here we are.
I might actually open an issue on github on that one.

Today the Homeassistant Silicon Labs Flasher Addon was updated to 0.2.0 which includes the most recent firmware (I didn’t check the web flasher). I took the plunge right away and updated my Skyconnect. After disabling the ZHA integration and starting the plugin everything went seamless according to the addons logs. So far it seems stable - no hickups. According to the firmware logs it seems there were a few sevurity relevant changes along the way so I think the new firmware should probably be generally recommended for the Skyconnect.

Thanks a lot to @agners as it seems he did the necessary commits on github. :pray: :beers:

This combinaison don’t work:

  • Silicon Labs Mulitiprocotol 2.4.4,
  • Silicon Labs Flasher 0.2.0 with firmware,
  • Zigbee2mqtt 1.36.0-1

The bug seems to be in Z2M 1.36.0-1: Assertion failed: Command (setConfigurationValue) returned unexpected state: [object Object] · Issue #19168 · Koenkk/zigbee2mqtt · GitHub