Skyconnect: device paired successfully, next day lost, now does not connect-pair anymore

Hi, I installed Skyconnect, paired 2 devices (2 Sonoff SNZB-02D)
very easily and fast. Everything worked fine

After some days I had to reboot the host, I did not pay attention, but now the 2 devices are offline. Tried to re-pair but nothing, so I deleted one of the devices, try to pair it again but it does not find it.

What shall I do?

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There seems to be a problem with Skyconnect sticks sometimes losing Zigbee devices, especially Sonoff ones.

I repair mine after they lose connection. Press and hold the button/reset pin for 5 seconds. If it is a light switch, a power cycle with a circuit breaker will do the trick. Then Integrations > ZHA > Zigbee Coordinator > “Add devices via this device”.

If your Zigbee “network” consists of two battery-powered devices I’m not surprised they’re not connecting.

Read up on how Zigbee works - there’s lots in the Community guides.

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