Skyconnect DOA

Hi, I’ve bought a skyconnect stick and connected (using the provided cable) it to my raspberry pi 4 which run the stock supervised HASS configuration.
Nothing hapens. The Skyconnect integration is not showing up in the Devices and Settings.
It tried connecting to a different USB port - no result.
I’ve enabled “show hidden integrations” - nothing there
Refreshed the browser - no change.

How can I further debug ?
How can I see that the device is communicating with the rPi ?
Can I connect the device to my computer and somehow verify that it is not DOA ?
Can I get support from Nabu Casa ?

There is no sky connect integration. You’d setup zigbee or matter

You can contact nabu casa support. There’s a link on the main website.

You can see if the hardware is detected on the settings->system->hardware page. The all hardware button which will list all inputs. One of them will have a device by id that says sky connect. You can search for “sky” too in that window.

One of the batches of SkyConnect from a few months ago came without the IDs programmed properly for HA to recognize it as a SkyConnect. This problem has since been fixed, but it may be that you have one of these. Similar to what petro says, you should still be able to see if the stick shows up on the “all hardware” button but it will not be seen as a “SkyConnect”. If you find that it shows up but not as SkyConnect then contact NabuCasa support as they have a workaround for it.

This is exactly thé situation I’m in. Thé hardware is detected but not recognised as a skyconnect.
I’ve contacted Nabu Casa but they are not responding.

I found the community thread on this showing the work-around: